100 Simple Steps to Build Your Personal Brand on Linkedin

Imran Khushal
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LinkedIn is boring.

LinkedIn is corporate.

LinkedIn is a waste of time.

This is what people say after they quit LinkedIn.

But the reality is:

LinkedIn quitters rarely invest time.

LinkedIn quitters rarely have a clear goal.

LinkedIn quitters rarely have a clear strategy.

If you invest time, have a goal, and follow a strategy, you can build your LinkedIn in months.

But strategies are hard to follow and you must break these into actionable steps to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. 

This is what I've done in 100 Simple Steps to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn. 

This is not a book about why you should be on LinkedIn to build your personal brand. 

This is a guide on how I did it for myself and for my clients.

Here, I've simplified 4 key LinkedIn strategies into 100 simple steps that you can take right away to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

This covers:

How to position yourself as an expert and connect ​with the right audience.

How to create content, be visible, grow your network, and generate leads.

How to engage with your audience and gain more traction effortlessly.

How to set and achieve goals, build 2-3 income streams in less than 2 years.

Build your personal brand on LinkedIn using systems that have worked for me and my clients. 

About me: 

Hi, my name is Imran Khushal and I am the founder of Branded Chief, a personal branding agency for digital chieftains. At Branded Chief, with over a decade of branding and marketing experience, I build personal brands for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs on LinkedIn using proven systems and tested strategies. I hope you'll find this guide helpful. Thank you. 

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