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If you are serious about LinkedIn and want to:

✅ position yourself as an expert and connect with the right audience

✅ create content, be visible, grow your network, and generate leads

✅ engage with your audience and gain more traction effortlessly

✅ achieve your goals and build extra income streams on LinkedIn

Here are a few resources to help you out!

My Story:

I was living a great life.

Working at a big corp; doing a big degree.

But then I did something and it changed.

In 2017, I joined a Fortune 500 company.

In 2018, I started pursuing a PhD. in IR.

It felt like I'm living my dream.

But then I realized I wasn't.

It started getting ugly, really ugly.

I was stressed, anxious, and unhappy.

I quit my job and started my agency.

Things started getting better.

I was way more happier.

But then the pandemic came.

I lost all my clients.

But not hope.

I got married.

Moved to a small town.

And was blessed with a son.

What happened to my PhD?

Well, I wasn't sure what to do.

And eventually, I dropped it.

I realized it wasn't for me.

But that's a story for another day.

Today, I'm living an intentional life.

Doing what I really want to do.

The way I want to do it.

It wasn't easy.

But it was worth it.

What do I do?

I run a LinkedIn branding agency, Branded Chief.

Using proven systems and tested strategies, I build personal brands on LinkedIn for CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs.

I hope you find these resources useful.

Thank you.


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